Robot therapy

Robot therapy for autistic children

  1. 1. Robot Therapy for Autistic Children
  2. 2. Robot therapy is coming up in a big way, which entails different therapeutic elements to treat children and adults with autism. Although autism does not require extensive treatment, considering the nature of the disorder, it is important to emphasize on the various aspects of improving the mental health and abilities of a child.
  3. 3. Studies across different parts of the world are emphasizing on the use of physical therapists for treating autism and controlling the symptoms. Research has revealed that kids showed remarkable improvement in their conversational skill while interacting with robots, as compared to sessions with human therapists. Parents also reported that these children, exposed to robot therapy, showed greater result and improvement at home.
  4. 4. Researchers have always taken keen interest in using various technologies for treating autism, which is a developmental condition typically characterized by repetitive behavior and social deficits, because many children seem to be more interested in using iPads, computers, or other devices. Their interest is unusually more than that of others.
  5. 5. Although a robot normally looks like a fancy toy, having no radical resemblance to a physical therapist, it is considered to be one of the most potent devices that can engage a child in long conversation. In fact, autistic children respond very well to the novel questions asked by robots involved in the therapy. In various sessions, children were simultaneously coached by their therapists on their social skills while interacting with robots, such as taking turns while talking and making eye contact. Normally, six therapy sessions are needed.
  6. 6. Children suffering from autism normally struggle with the complexities of the social life and behavior. They need to be trained to develop their skills, which is best done with the help of robotic technology.
  7. 7. The main goal of using this technology is to promote overall social behavior and not just engage the child in some technical device. When a child interacts with the robot, it is almost the same as interacting with a normal person to develop social behavior. However, the reason behind this interaction and improvement is still a question. Most parents who have got their autistic children treated with sessions of robot therapy have failed to understand how and why this improvement occurs. Although it is true that most patients have shown remarkable improvement by the sixth sessions, with visible gains in their social behavior and abilities, there are question with respect to the abilities of a robot to treat autism.
  8. 8. Robot therapy does not work equally for every patient, like most medications and physical therapist. The result is usually different and varies according to the condition. In fact, some parents have also complained about increased repetitive behaviors, although it is not clear why this happens. While the recent technologically advanced treatments are believed to be extremely beneficial and promising, these therapies aren’t competent enough to replace human therapies. Therefore, it should be noted that just because you are taking your child for a robot therapy does not mean that physical therapy is not needed. It is best to give both to a child, but at regular intervals.

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